We invest in Future Forward Ideas across the stack with Enterprise as the Customer

First Rays makes initial investment in Seed - Pre-Series A stage startups

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Enterprise Infrastructure

Working in the era of multi-cloud and edge world, enterprise infrastructure will be powered by new software technologies that enhance agility, user experience, remote management and security! We would love to hear from founders with breakthrough ideas and technologies in this space...

AI & Automation

AI is set to transform traditional enterprise offerings and deliver new value propositions! World is moving to a synchronous Human-Machine interaction! Across industries, automation is set to bring efficiencies! This will require innovation to combine and fuse technologies! We  would love to hear from founders who are building disruptive companies for the AI era...

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Digital Acceleration

& Future of Work

Enterprises have to constantly adapt in a world filled with disruptions! Remote work, distributed teams and many such challenges are presenting opportunities for greater digital adoption and new solutions to address enterprise needs. We would like to hear from founders building solutions for the Enterprise Future of Work...