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First Rays
Venture Partners

Partnering with Startups in their Early Stage Journey

About Us

First Rays ventures specializes in seed stage investments in Enterprise Infrastructure Stack and B2B SaaS. Our investment focus emanates from two dimensions that we have observed over the years of making investments in enterprise software startups.


AI Privacy and Data Security, Cloud Native Data Replication, UI/UX Design Automation and much more

First Rays Portfolio Founders

"First Rays VC has been a tremendous asset and guiding light to Blitzz from day one. They have always been one text and one phone call away, a dream for founders. They have been continuously helping us find the right use cases within the enterprises with numerous customer introductions across various verticals.  They have a great vision of how Blitzz can scale on management, culture, and have been instrumental in helping us focus on the right people to strengthen the management. We highly recommend First Rays VC for any first-time founder, they are simply the best.”

Miryana Joksovic & Rajkumar Sen, Co-Founders | BLITZZ